12 Hours In, 2016, assemblage, video, 28 minutes. 
The work consists of a monitor and key board that have been heavily painted in encaustic, spray paint, and burnt plastic, to which small cups, bottle caps, cigarette buts and a litter were affixed by melting them. The whole apparatus was torched several times. A video loop of clips from clips from Fraiser, Orange is the New Black, and other shows were lifted from Youtube, and edited together with a Netflix logo in a sequence, and played in a frame within the screen. A facebook message accusing the artist of being a pompous ass is displayed next the video sequence on the screen. The screen was installed in a dirty living room with a set of vintage speakers which were partially dismantled and filled with dirt and onions that had begun to sprout. The entire sequence was filmed from the perspective of watching the videos on the couch in the living room, while smoking and drinking. This video was then uploaded to youtube, where it created an abyss, a series of screens within screens surrounded by physical and emotional detritus, in whatever screen and room it was played in. It replicates long periods of depression, during which time is counted in binge periods and bursts of anger. 
The work was removed from Youtube for copyright infringement by the owners of Fraiser, CBS.