A Structure for Things, 2016, cabinet, video monitor, paintings, sculptures, computers, found books, assemblage. 
In A Structure for Things, many of the artist's works are placed in a cabinet also made by him, alongside found objects, plants, personal affects, and works by other artists. The cabinet is placed near a chair facing a wall with a nail in it, and a pedestal. A light is hung towards the empty display area. The chair's position is marked by blue tape, as when marking the location for a subject to stand for an observational painting.
During the course of the installation, visitors are welcome to take things off the shelf, to go through it, put things up if they wish to contemplate them, put things back in the own order. 
The work demands a viewer to go through it, to open it up, put in the work of viewing, in order for it to be seen. The Cabinet is a physical structure containing disparate products of creative work and operates as a physical manifestation of the mind which thinks through various methods. Viewers may not engage with the work, or they may choose what they like from it. The may consider expanded practice, or they may do something of both.