The Gerenton, 2018 was a bar that opened for one night. It was a collaboration with Sophie Lee. Drinks were served for suggested donations at the cost of production. Our menu included a pine needle infused negroni, an old fashioned, a Manhattan, vodka or gin martinis, a shot and beer, and wine. The bar was opened in a converted studio in Skowhegan, using materials we found around us. There was a bouquet of picked flowers, and airbrushed uniforms. A bluetooth speaker was dj-ed. It opened at 8pm just after it was mopped with pine-sol, creating a smell that suggested sanitation. It closed at midnight. People sat on stools and used metal trash cans as tables. The bar existed for a group of people stuck in the woods for the three months, who, it seemed, were relieved to simulate a run-down neighborhood bar for a night.